Congregation Beth Israel

Congregation Beth Israel

Home to the Jewish Community of Lebanon, Pennsylvania


Thank you for your interest in contributing to our Synagogue.

As the only Synagogue in a small community we rely on donations to our endowment fund.

We employ a full time Spiritual Leader so that we can continue to provide our members with Minyans, Shabbat Services as well as festivals and holidays.

Your donation to our Synagogue will “make a difference” in that we will be able to continue to maintain a Jewish Presence in Central Pennsylvania.

Please contact our office so that our endowment chairman can discuss the various ways in which your contribution can be meaningful for our congregation.

Any donations to Congregation Beth Israel can be made by clicking the ‘Make A Donation’ button to the right.



There are a number of charities collecting to support victims in Israel. Please consider donating through one of them.

Israel Emergency Relief Fund (

Operation Swords of Iron – Israel Crises 2023 – Jewish Federation of North America in partnership with Masorti Movement. 100% of proceeds will go to Israel.

New Israel Fund Emergency Relief – Tries to help those traditional disadvantaged

JGive – funneling resources to a variety of Israeli charitable organizations. – goes directly to the Israeli Defense Fund


If you are unable to provide a credit card, please consider sending your check payable to Congregation Beth Israel and mail to 411 South 8th Street Lebanon, PA. memo: Israel

We will be sending a communal donation on behalf of all contributions sent in!